Real Estate Investment Analysis, made simple.

Save time and increase profits with our rental investment tool. Analyze potential investments, forecast returns, and generate professional reports to share with clients or partners.

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Quick and accurate simulations

Analyze your rental investment projects in seconds. Our tool simplifies the evaluation of the profitability of your investments through a fluid and intuitive interface.

Buy and hold scenarios

Once all your assumptions are set, add a resale scenario to your simulation and obtain a general snapshot of the project: all the incoming and outgoing flows, year by year, until the resale. The application will calculate your enrichment, the net present value (NPV), the internal rate of return (IRR), as well as the cash-on-cash multiple of your investment.


Report generation

Create and share professional investment reports: in seconds, export the investment simulation in PDF or Word format. The reports summarize your assumptions and the resulting projections. Customize the logo to display on the exports and share them with your partners or clients.


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